Getting Delivery Food

Situation:  You have come home from a long day or work and don’t have the energy to focus on cooking, so you call for something to be delivered.

IF THIS WAS NEW YORK: You would have to take a deep breath and work up the courage to call.  The phone rings a couple times, and then your ear is blasted with the loud sounds of the restaurant.  Whoever is on the other end yells a couple words at you and you are put on hold for several minutes.  You may just hang up and call back.  Eventually, you start yelling your order at this person.  They tell you it will be twenty minutes.

Forty minutes and two phone calls later, the doorbell rings.  Your food has arrived.  You tip the delivery person a fair amount (10%, $2 minimum), and depending on their mode of transportation they will be grateful or not-  if they are on a bike, the 10% is fine.  If they are driving an SUV, they will scowl at you for anything less than 20%.  

You open your order and find that it is cold and not what you ordered.  You go to pick up the phone to call them, but realize it’s not worth the hassle and you kind of like what they sent anyway. You just make due with the wrong order instead.

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