Greenmarket Shopping

Situation:  You decide to spend an afternoon leisurely perusing the local Greenmarket, checking out local food and meeting local farmers.

IF THIS WAS NEW YORK:  You arrive at the Greenmarket to find it eerily similar to a cattle round-up: throngs of people are being pushed through a funnel of a walk-way in between various stands. You squeeze through to check out apples, only to have an elderly woman elbow you while exclaiming,”I’m here first!”

While holding onto to some hope that this activity will be leisurely, you approach a farmer to talk about the different varieties of honey he is selling, only to see that he is engrossed in a conversation with a Libyan man in his mid 50s arguing with the purveyor that his honey is not authentic enough.

You schlep out of the market to the nearest Key Foods and buy ramen.

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