Getting Coffee

Situation:  It’s 7:34 AM and you want to get a cup of coffee before going to work.

If this was New York City:  You walk into a local coffee shop-  if you live in Manhattan this is almost certainly a Starbucks, and in Brooklyn it’s an independent place.  As soon as you walk in you realize that you haven’t actually spoken to anyone yet that day, and you realize just how complicated human speech is as a general concept.  

After a few minutes in line, you groggily state your order.  Your barista is either super caffeinated and way too awake, or was drinking the night before and is surly and is contemplating the benefits of going back to school for accounting.  Depending on how long they have been working there and how often you pop in you may exchange some pleasantries.  If you’re single you will ask yourself when you’re going to get the courage to ask out the barista out but then remember it’s their job to be nice to you.

As you’re waiting for your drink, you consider also getting a pastry of some sort. You do some quick calculations in your head around how hungry you are, how unhealthy the pastries look, and if you really want to be “that guy” scarfing down food on the subway.  

When your drink is ready, you groggily take it from the barista and grumble some words that you hope make sense.  You pause for a second to put your headphones in and head for the subway, hoping that the lid on the coffee is tight and won’t dribble down your front.  

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