Getting a car fixed

Situation:  You have some car trouble, so you take your car to a garage to have the repairs done.

If this was New York:  The first thing you do is ask friends for recommendations of where to go.  Then you realize that you are the only one of your friends that has a car in the city to begin with, and then you question how many of these people are your friends because of of your car ownership.

You pick one of the garages in your neighborhood pretty much at random.  Not that it matters which one you pick, you still feel like you made the wrong choice the second you pull your car into the place.  There’s a big sign up on the wall that says “Not responsible for lost belongings”, and you do a quick scan around your car for any valuables.  Then you realize one of the mechanics is doing the same.  You try to ignore that fact and tell them what is wrong with the car.  

If it’s a quick fix, you’ll stand there and one of the mechanics will get to work.  There’s another guy standing around there trying to talk to you, and it’s unclear if he is another mechanic or just someone that likes to hang out at garages.  You talk to him a bit while keeping an eye on the guys working on your car… not that you know anything about cars and what they are doing, but it seems like the right thing to do.  If it is something more complicated and you have to leave it overnight, the mechanics will tell you to leave all your valuables in the car.  They will swear up and down that the garage is safe despite the gigantic sign telling you otherwise.

When the repair is done you pay them whatever they ask for.  You shake hands with the “mechanic” that was talking to you, and then excuse yourself when he tries to start telling you about the 3rd time that he saw “The Who” in the 70’s.  Then you go home and Google the costs of the parts they replaced and discover you paid 300% over the retail costs.  A week later your car starts to exhibit some other problem mysteriously.

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