Going to the Park

Situation:  It’s a gorgeous day, so you and a friend go to walk around the park

If this was New York:  You and your friend set a very specific location at a landmark near the park as a meeting point, trying to avoid the confusion of finding each other among the crowds of people.  You get to the land mark at the specified time.   You figure your friend is running late, so you keep standing there for a few minutes. Eventually you get concerned and call your friend.  It turns out they were standing seven feet away, but you just couldn’t see them.  You both play off the fact that you weren’t observant enough to find each other, and head in.  

At first, you’re excited, and maybe a little uncomfortable.  No matter where you are from originally, a few months living in New York and you’ll start staring at trees in amazement, and you’ll remember, briefly, that there is a world outside of the city.

The wonder lasts about fifteen seconds.  It’s interrupted by a biker that is illegally riding on the sidewalk and almost plows into you.  He is followed by his two children, who are just learning how to ride.  Both kids smash their bikes into your shins.  You grimace in pain and make eye contact with the parent-  they flash you a “sorry my kid hit you!” face, and you shoot back with an “it’s ok!  Kids will be kids!” look.  Neither of you are sincere about this.  

Wandering further in, you find a body of water.  It’s calm here.  The sounds of the city are just far enough away that you can tune out the sound for a few minutes and relax a little bit.  Just as you’re really starting to relax a group of tourists from the midwest discover your same little area, and ruin your little meditation by asking you excitedly to take a picture of them in the only area in New York that looks more like where they are from than anything else they have seen since setting foot in New York.  

You and your friend wander around for another hour before you realize that you are sort of lost, and getting a bit tired.  You look at the skyline for the nearest skyscraper, and then start moving in that direction.  Once you’re out of the park, you find that you’ve come out nowhere near where you thought you were.  You sigh, and head towards the subway.

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